Twenty Eight Films of Summer

While the summer months should be spent outside enjoying the sun and getting a tan, others like watching movies. Anyhow, here is a brief review and ranking of all of the films I have watched this summer. It’s worth noting that such a variety of films are difficult to compare, so this is a blunt instrument. On a different day, they would’ve been ranked differently. Also, most of the films I watched were of high calibre and I’d have no trouble recommending at least the top 20 of them. If your favourite film isn’t near the top of the list, that’s more to the testament of the other films that anything against yours. There are some early summer films that I didn’t add to the list as I only started it in Mid June/ Early July (Sorry Toy Story 4) and some Summer Films I haven’t yet seen (Sorry OUATIH).

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Review: Avengers Endgame (Spoiler Free)

This review is spoiler free

Being in a cinema on an opening night is the most wonderful experience, especially for a film with such anticipation as the Avengers Endgame. While not yelling, bawling or applauding (Please, we’re British), I certainly heard a good amount of nuanced sniffling and chuckling from this crowd for this was a big deal. Twenty Two films and many characters would see everything culminate in this three hour film.

Now, I’m not a marvel nerd. But my brother and sister most certainly are, so while I will primarily comment as someone with little interest in Marvel, however I will also include feedback I have received.

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Recap: Avengers Infinity War


As someone with an indifference towards the marvel universe, I’m still going to go to watch the Endgame at some point as it’s kind of a big deal. Therefore, one decided to recap what happens in the prequel for your entertainment. There are lots of story lines, so I will colour code them. They aren’t all in order due to the back and forthing.

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