Review: Capernaum

It’s not very often that I will cry at a movie. It’s less often that I would do so at a cinema, however Capernuam proved the exception as I will admit I shed a tear.

There will be minor plot spoilers in this review. There are also some major plot spoilers, but I have kept them invisible until you press the “Click Here For Major Plot Spoilers” button, so don’t fear.

The English translation of capernaum is chaos and that is something you feel immediately in this film. Set on the streets of Lebanon, you are immediately grabbed by this wall of noise and overhead shots of the city. Whether its traffic, shouting or children crying, this film is constantly throwing things at you. Even on the roof, or at night, you can hear traffic below or see a child in poverty. You will not give you a moments respite.

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The 2019 ASBO Film Awards

This Sunday is the day where Hollywood acknowledge some pretty great films and Bohemian Rhapsody. Will they get the right winner? Maybe. But I’m not going to comment on their choices. Instead I will hand out the 2019 ASBO awards for great films. From this list, you will hopefully get a good idea of which films to watch and avoid. There are plenty of good ones to see, yet a limited time to see them in.

I will use the Oscar nominations as a general framework, but throw in some of my own suggestions.

Now, why am I calling them the ASBO awards when in the UK that means Anti-Social Behaviour Order. Well, my family calls our cat Oscar, even though his birth certificate name is ASBO. Therefore, to restore the balance of the world it is only necessary. So, lets begin:

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