Review: A Clockwork Orange (18)

This review may contain some minor spoilers as this film is over forty years old. Please also note this film is rated 18 for good reason, so not for those of a sensitive disposition. For context, this is the first time I have watched the film and I watch it at the cinema.

“A Clockwork Orange” is the sort of film you hear a lot about. Everyone says it is grim, even those who haven’t watched it. Therefore, when going to watch it in the cinema, I did so with a feeling of apprehension. Was everyone soft. Would my snowflake millennial mind shatter at what I would see? Within the first ten minutes, I certainly felt uncomfortable. Our lead character Alex (Malcom McDowell) and his droogs commit the most atrocious crimes. Stanley Kubrick spares no details showing us these scenes in a most uncompromising manner.

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