What the scores mean:

In this blog’s short life span, I started with scores out of 40, before moving to letter grades. This was because letters could be more subjective than objective. When I rated a film 29, it was tough to say it was better than a 32 even though it may have been. Therefore, I use letters. They don’t directly compare films but give an indication of how good a film I believed they were.

A: The film was absolutely brilliant. It took me away for hours and had me fully invested. It is a very good film and well worth a watch*. Objectively and subjectively its brilliant.

B: The film was a very good effort. I would have had some minor gripes that I felt held the film back, or I didn’t feel the effect of the film fully. However, it is worth a watch, especially if it’s your sort of genre.

C: Objectively, the film was decent. However, I would have had a few issues with it that left me unsatisfied. Maybe on another day, I would have ranked it a B. While not top of my suggestions, I wouldn’t suggest avoiding the film.

D: The film wasn’t great. There were lots of issues and overall the experience was one worth avoiding.

E: The film was only just passable. However, I would struggle to recommend it.

F: The Independence Day Sequel

*Obviously, if the film doesn’t seem your cup of tea, then there is a good chance you may not enjoy it.

Numbers to letters rough conversion:

0-10: F/E

10-20: E/D

20-25: D/C

26-30: B

31+: A