City of God (TFR Selects)

TFR Selects Films are films which are hidden away deep in streaming services (NETFLIX UK OR AMAZON PRIME VIDEO UK). While there are some brilliant films which are great and easy to find, these are the ones which don’t quite garner as much attention, whether they are foreign language or small indy films.

NameCity Of God
LanguageBrazilian (Portugese)
Available On (As of 30/04/19)Netflix UK

City of God is a film about the lives of young men in poverty in Brazil’s slums. Starting out in the sixties with the three amigos, Shaggy, Clipper and Goose who commit petty crime for a living, our narrator Rocket takes us through this city building and gang crime escalating in the eighties.

This scene shows Lil ‘Ze trying to control the local area, dealing with young trouble makers.

Rocket himself grows up wanting to be a photographer, however this dream seems unlikely in his current financial situation. He is easily likeable and is one of many memorable characters. You have the relaxed gangster Benny, Carrot, Ned and psychotic antagonist Li’l Dice. While Rocket is our lead, the story rarely focuses around him. However, he gets more involved in events as him dream job takes him that way.

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Review: Avengers Endgame (Spoiler Free)

This review is spoiler free

Being in a cinema on an opening night is the most wonderful experience, especially for a film with such anticipation as the Avengers Endgame. While not yelling, bawling or applauding (Please, we’re British), I certainly heard a good amount of nuanced sniffling and chuckling from this crowd for this was a big deal. Twenty Two films and many characters would see everything culminate in this three hour film.

Now, I’m not a marvel nerd. But my brother and sister most certainly are, so while I will primarily comment as someone with little interest in Marvel, however I will also include feedback I have received.

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Recap: Avengers Infinity War


As someone with an indifference towards the marvel universe, I’m still going to go to watch the Endgame at some point as it’s kind of a big deal. Therefore, one decided to recap what happens in the prequel for your entertainment. There are lots of story lines, so I will colour code them. They aren’t all in order due to the back and forthing.

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Review: A Clockwork Orange (18)

This review may contain some minor spoilers as this film is over forty years old. Please also note this film is rated 18 for good reason, so not for those of a sensitive disposition. For context, this is the first time I have watched the film and I watch it at the cinema.

“A Clockwork Orange” is the sort of film you hear a lot about. Everyone says it is grim, even those who haven’t watched it. Therefore, when going to watch it in the cinema, I did so with a feeling of apprehension. Was everyone soft. Would my snowflake millennial mind shatter at what I would see? Within the first ten minutes, I certainly felt uncomfortable. Our lead character Alex (Malcom McDowell) and his droogs commit the most atrocious crimes. Stanley Kubrick spares no details showing us these scenes in a most uncompromising manner.

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Review: Us

As this is a recent release, this review will be spoiler free

Whenever you go to a horror film at the cinema, you are faced with a deluge of trailers for all other genre films, whether it be about some devilish murdering alien boy or the latest Stephen King adaptation about a misspelt animal graveyard. These remind me about how much I dislike the genre. Cheap jump scares, no story, character development and boring acting. By the time the BBFC age rating comes up, I feel like I’ve made a mistake coming along today. But I remember how much I enjoyed “Get Out” and am intrigued as to whether Jordan Peele can follow it up with this new film. The short answer is he can.

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Review: Foxtrot

I like to eat marmite toast for breakfast. It has a distinct taste which I gain pleasure from. But if I have marmite every day, then after a few days the marmite gets boring and loses its pizzazz. However, if I have it once every three days and switch between cheerios, shreddies and marmite, then marmite always packs a punch.

Foxtrot is constant misery. Like marmite toast the sadness is always there. Very rarely does it pack a punch as you’re constantly feeling sadness but not really understanding what for.

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Review: Border

Upon walking out of my local cinema, I heard two people discussing the film that I had just watched. “What did you think of that?” said the female in an unsure voice. “I think it was a bit over-baked.” replied the male with equal lack of conviction. “I thought it was under-baked” replied the woman. They chuckled unsure of what to make of this truly strange movie. While not one for such metaphors, I understood their sentiment. When you walk out of a film like Border, you struggle to get your thoughts in order as you have been transported to a far off place. This film is one of the strangest I have seen and will see for a long time.

To understand the tone of this film think about what Guillermo Del Toro does to fairytales in making them more mature. Now think someone does a Del Toro to one of his films and makes in even more so. This is served up in the cinema and is our film for this week.

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